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Subject: Attention ADMIN
  I think it´s high time that the website brought about somekind of registration process so that posters can be identified just by looking at the name/ ID. People have been fighting all kind of battles here and wasting there (& others) precious time. Discussion is good but it should not become a rhetoric.

By having ID system people can be prevented from abusing this space. The ID system can make people read or escape a posting just by looking at the poster. Any fresh & easy to implement ideas?

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I would have agreed with you at one time. I think I have changed my mind.

I scan another immigration site that has a login and registration. What I see is the same 10 people sharing ideas and timelines. While our forum might be a little more volatile - it is also 100 times more interesting.

If we can stand the annoyance... I vote to leave us the way we are.

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This registration idea is absolutely worthless . As Sharon mentioned there would be a few people on the forum and you would have to wait forever.
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Well it has always been easy to shoot down someone?s idea but what matters is providing an alternative. By the way how much time does it take for registration? OK tell me how much time it took for you to choose your name with which you post here.

Registration can be very simple; one can just provide an e-mail ID to the website admin and get a unique name. This will at least contain the abusers from mass posting. Even if they do one can simply see there unique name and skip. More than 70% postings on this website ask for some advice/ help; registration is the least people can do and moreover if they are so lazy they can always browse through the postings without needing to post one.

The idea is to make the website more interesting, effective and garbage free so that it can retain worthy participants. To me quality is more important than quantity. If you have the quality people are not foolish to leave the website rather the traffic will increase steadily. I have seen other forums too which are doing a much better job with so many features, this website can at least add registration which will also boost it?s revenue.


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I totally agree with ROBINHOOD
Registration is the best solution.......
It only takes a few seconds to register.
I am on other forums with registration and there is MUCH less garbage than here.

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I dont agree with this stupid process of registration....No one has the time to register...tey only want solution to their problems and dont wanna waste time with the elaborate process of registration.I have had the opportunity of visiting other sites that require registration process and found either you get no response or have to wait for a long time before you get one, cause of a bunch of ppl registered out there.


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