Would parents get visitors visa?

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Subject: Would parents get visitors visa?
  Hi All,

I recd.the immigrant visa last month.I will be travelling to(landind in)Canada next month.

My husband and myself have already planned wedding reception next month.

My parents had not attended my wedding which was in US.

Is it advisable to apply for parents visitors visa so we can all travel together?

Any guesses what their chances would be of getting the visitors visa?

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It is disheartening that so many highly experienced professionals like me got attracted to Canada, leave the good life that they have back home in the hope of getting something still better, and found themselves in the mercy of Canadian companies to get accepted in manual works requiring no skills at all except strength and guts.

The Canadian government should not have use a very demanding point system in accepting immigrants.

It had falsely given us the impression that there are suitable works for our qualifications that we can easily get into with our backgrounds.

If the government had only been realistic that they need only less skilled muscular people for menial works, who will need re-education and re-training to work, most of the skilled immigrants would have not come at all and will not be encountering problem getting jobs, will not suffer poverty and will not be an additional burden to the government.

Immigrants do not want to be liabilities. They want to contribute for the advancement and productivity of their new country. But look at what Canad is giving to newcomers. Educational backgrounds even from good foreign universities are almost useless, and extensive international experience are almost of zero value.

N. Ofreneo

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All I can say is that do not express conpempt for the so-called menial work. If you do, as you seem to do, you certainly need to be educated to respect work itself... Work hard and your dreams will come true if not in this generation, for your kids and their offspring. To think from a different angle, you probably weren´t as smart as you would like to think: afterall, you gave up what you had for mere greed to possess more and fate dictated that you end up with less in fact. Take this in a biblical tone and atone yourself for putting down those unfortunate "menial" laborers and have a taste of their kind of "menial" work. All work deserves respect. Arrogant bastards MUST be retrained!
In Canada
would parents get visitors visa? (in reply to: Would parents get visitors visa?)
i suggest no. when i was in canada. i was raped by two pervert male whites (considering that i am male). i am afraid that my father would be raped too. canadians thinks that they are superior race, well in fact they are not, they do not even know how to communicate well, written that is. they are nothing but trying hard to be americans.
amir olivarez
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