Does CIC on Strike?

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Subject: Does CIC on Strike?
Are you aware if CIC on strike? thaugh CIC website (e-status) updated on 16th May 2005 but the dates are still the same as that on last week. They are processing same dates as they were doing last week. What is going on with Canadian Govt.?
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Yes that is rather odd.
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Raj, they are not on strike. They are actively working, this morning they even sent me a fax response. So..dont worry
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In my opinion, the Federal Government should review its entire immigration policy and put immigration on hold, until a resolution of the problems of foreign educated immigrants is found.

Immigrants with earned Ph.D.s and Master Degrees outside of Canada don´t come to this country to drive pizza or work as superintendents, but to work in their professional areas. They are prevented from doing so by the discriminatry policies of the professional organizations, that require from them Canadian experience before allowing them to pass the exams for a licence, thus discarding entirely years of experience outside of Canada as well as the misstrust of employers.

Not many centres for evaluation of foreign earned credentials are needed, one is enough, but the employers have to be educated to trust the evaluations made.

If not, it would be fairer to the educated immigrants to be denied immigrants visas at all, than to be disgraced by preventing them to work in their chosen professions.

H. Detcheva

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Yes..It is really Odd as CIC just update the date nothing else... it is same as it was last week.
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People.....people....people....if there is not new information to update, what do you expect. If the information is the same as last week, then it will be the same this week.

They are not on strike, they are working and when there is new info, they post it.

Just be patient...when you get your PR visa, you will see how great Canada really is. It is the best!

Good luck

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In my opinion even though they CIC might be on a strike, however its not possible that they will be completely shut down. After all they dont want to loose their credibility in global mileau. Possibly its going very slow until everyone is back to work and a resolution has been passed.

Good Luck.

Migration Authority
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