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Subject: change of job

i am on h1 visa and after applying for my canada immigration, i changed jobs in usa. i have not yet told the consulate that i had a job change. my interview has been waived after file has been transferred to new york and i have even appeared for medicals. i want to know if i need to update the NY consulate regarding this job change. Also, does the immigration dept. perform a employment verification check during the security check. or does the security check only involve criminal check. if i update the consulate of my new job now, are they likely to call me for an interview now and delay my case further? pl. advise.

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Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your reply on your earlier thread. My timeline is mentioned below:
Applied - Dec 2003
AOR - Jan 2004
IA - Aug 2004
Interview required in NYC

Till date I am waiting to hear from Buffalo regarding my file transfer. I dont know what is wrong and why it is taking so long. I have ordered my CAIPS notes which I should get any day now.

Technically you should inform them of the change in job. This should not delay the process cause it will take a couple of months to receive the results of your medical exam.

Background check involves verifying your education, employment and other information you provided in the application forms.

I doubt that they will call you for an interview now. I suggest that you pay ROLF now as you can save 1-2 months of processing time.

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hi Kenny,

thanks for ur reply. looking at your timeline, i feel, ur file should have been transferred to NY long time back. i had applied with a couple of my friends and our application start dates are only 1 week apart. until now, all our files have been shifted from buffalo to NY on the same date and my other 2 friends got interview request in march 05 when i was told to submit my FBI clearance. my both friends interview happened in May 2005 and at the same date i got letter stating my interview is waived. we even gave our medicals together. as a result, i surely feel that ur letter stating that ur file has been transfrred has been lost in the mail. ur letter should have arrived in first week of feb 05 stating that ur file was transferred to NY. just fax them a request and check on it. also see what ur CAIPS tells u.

now regarding my case,
i have not mentioned my new job in the initial application. and i done have the new H1 stamped in my passport. i just am working on the ins approval notice. however, as u suggested, i will send them the deatisl regarding my new job. just hoping that i do not get the interview call now.

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