"Decision made",,,Nov'04 interview

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Subject: "Decision made",,,Nov'04 interview
Dear all,
my eStatus changed to "Decision Made" today,,,now you think
my friends,,,what should I mean ? will it be Yes and I have to wait for medicals or it can be NO also...pl..share your ideas

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where did you applied from , can you please share your timeline

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I´m sorry to hear this? But, they must send you the reasons in writing. Why don´t you try to have a consultant or a lawyer to oppose their decision, this is just unfair!
Decision made",,,Nov'04 interview (in reply to: "Decision made",,,Nov'04 interview)
Applied in 2001,,got interview in Nov.04,,qualify unter old but not under new,,,interview was good and no prob...pl.share your view..

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