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Subject: de facto member of a Convention Refugee
  My name is Ghazala. I am 29 years old unmarried girl, living in Karachi Pakistan with my maternal uncle. My father is a permanent resident of Canada as a Convention Refugee since October 2001 and residing in the province of Qu?bec. Just after arriving in Canada in November 2000, he applied for protection under Convention Refugee category due to well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of membership in a particular political opinion. Following the decision of IRB in May 2001, he applied for permanent residence under the Convention Refugee category and included immediate family members, contains a spouse and three dependent children of Type A and B, in his application.

In February 2002, the Case Processing Center (CPC) in Vegreville "deleted" me from the application of my father due to not meeting the definition of an eligible dependent. Though CPC gave chance twice to substantiate my eligibility by making any submissions, but unfortunately my father?s medical situation at that time did not allow him to coordinate the matter properly. In the meanwhile, we received our Certificat de selection from Qu?bec Minist?re des Relations avec les citoyens et de I?Immigration in March 2002. But the health condition of my father and financial insufficiency of my family forced them to accept the decision of CPC.

The process of my mother and two younger brothers completed in the last quarter of 2003 and they left Pakistan in July 2004. My mother was never willing to go to Canada leaving me alone in Pakistan due to the likely fears of harassment, from the factors that forced my father to leave the country, and doubts of insecurity for a young unmarried girl in a deteriorated society. She was also worried for the conditions of his husband in Canada. I remembered that in these days of anxiety and distress, she talked to our short-listed close relatives many times but no one was ready to take the responsibility of me. However, one of my mother?s brothers, who were also an applicant of permanent residence in Canada under skilled worker category, agreed on a condition that my mother would come back soon and try to arrange my marriage. But it is just my unfortunate that the process of my maternal uncle has been completed when they received their visas in the first week of this month.

During her first ten months after arriving in Canada, my mother has came Pakistan two times just to settle my issue but did not get any success. Day-by-day deteriorating health condition of my father, financial insufficiency to travel Pakistan frequently and permanent residency obligations not allowing my mother to take care of both sides. My father needs her and I am too but these ill-fated circumstances producing panic. And, I am afraid this continued anxiety could be much harmful for her downing mental and physical health.

This situation is much more poorer for me than a year before. My maternal uncle and his family would leave for Canada in the mid of June, and my family and me are again in a trouble to find some reasonable shelter for me. We all are living a split and desperate life due to our distributed family and pray to God that we find some way of reunification before loosing hopes.

Doctors said my father?s health is not stable and he needs his family around him. He suffered cardiac insufficiency and myocardial infarction that leads to his open-heart surgery in June 2001. He also developed bleeding gastric ulcer in July 2001. This child-father detachment further developing in him an anxiety crises, associated with chest pain, headache and pathological insomnia. I need to be with him at this time of uncertainty because I miss him! I want to be with him before he loses his life.

Anyhow, we are unable to find some solution of our problems and looking again towards Canada, whose humanitarian tradition offers protection to displaced and persecuted people and whose Charter of Rights and Freedom promotes family reunification. I am looking forward to hear from you; your comments, opinion and advices could help me to cope this situation and save my family. Your reply can create a new ray of hope for my family, so please do not hesitate.

GHOST STORY OF MISS GHAZALA (in reply to: de facto member of a Convention Refugee)
Hi Forum Members

I wanted to draw your attention toward the ghost stories posted on this forum time to time. The people like Miss ghazala even dont consider that the credibility of their country is damaged in this way. Miss has never told that what was the root cause of his fathers refuge. Which political party he belonged and what compelled to her father for refuge.It is a reality that at the moment there is no political instabilty in Pakistan. On the other hand there are 1 million people like miss who are always curious to go abroad in countries like Canada,USA, UK etc but problem is their eligibility under the immigiration rules. When they fail they adopt other ways to go their like miss is persuing.... I can assure you if the case of miss saira´s father is verified most of the documents will be proved fake may be they should have been prepared by offering heavy amout of bribe to the issuing authorities..

The present posting reflects that miss is only and only interested in immigirating to canada by using any way .... Fact is that her application has already been viewed properly and as per rules she is been rejected by the authorities(CIC), it is clear that she does not qualifiy under the rules..... but she is constantly persuing her case narrating a long story.....

My purpose is never to discourage the applicant, I suggest rather than giving a cover story to gain the sympathies of the people she narrate the true story to the CIC that she wanted to enter the canada at any cost ....

You people can find lot of people like this who have only one objective i.e to immigirate to UK or Canada despite of th fact they know they dont qualify in any way but they keep trieng by producing fake documentation to the CIC and stuff like that ...

I request all such people that dont convey the world this kind of impression that life is hell in your beloved country.. and it is almost impossible to live or survive in this country...since many Pakistani believe it is heaven like to live in your own country if you are heaving potiential in yourself lot of oppurtunities are for you ....

If you are potiential less then u always try to immigirate ...immigiration is not bad ..but if it is according to rules and based on the truth, never immigirate at the cost of your country´s integerity like this Miss is doing... always give some possitive impression about your homeleand since it has always protected u when you are in trouble....

all members be cool reading this since i never intend to hurt any one...


Patriot Pakistani
Stupidness of your "patriotism" seems in your comments (in reply to: de facto member of a Convention Refugee)
I never know why these "fools" understand themselves "patriots", who even do not realize the context of the issues. Instead of understanding the problem, which I posted here for comments from serious guys like Sharon, these stupids trying to show the other side of the picture to the world. These people neither have ability to understand the underlying problems in immigrations issues nor have perceptions to feel the deepness of my problem.

I suggest to these so-called "patriots" to please please never come to reply me. Before advising something to someone on the basis of your "patriotism", first try to understand its actual context and then comment. Because if I come to explain your "patriotism", you people will not find place to hide yourself.

Finally, I request Sharon and the moderators of this forum to kindly stop such stupids, who try to play with feelings of people in real trouble. These "patriots" are enjoying life all over the world, and are still "patriots". Alas!

corruption in CIC (in reply to: de facto member of a Convention Refugee)
My family of Convention Refugees from Uzbekistan undergone unbearable humiliation from cic officers from 2000 year when we came to Canada - then they artificially separated our kids from my wife and myself for 4 years, they are draging till today (6 years our case is not done for permanent residenship)and there is no hope that they will make it quicker. There is a strong corruption in cic Agreville Processing Case Center and in the Ministry of Immigration of Canada and don´t trust their 6 months resolution of your case, as it is by the law today, if you are poor and do not paid their lawyers, they will do it for ages or will not do it at all. Sincerely, Andrei Pekinasov ID#4278-1723
Andrei Pekinasov
hello (in reply to: de facto member of a Convention Refugee)
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immigirate to canada (in reply to: de facto member of a Convention Refugee)
hello i would want to immigrant in Canada and i have also my brother in Toronto,Canada.
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