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Subject: visitors visa- purpose of visit
  My parents living in India are applying for temporary residents visa in few days.

The SOLE purpose of their travel is to attend my wedding reception.

I got married in USA last year where I was studying and my parents were not able to attend it.

I recently recieved immigrant visa and will be landing in Canada in few days.I want my parents to travel with me and attend my reception.

I would appreciate advise regarding the following:

1. Is attending daughter´s wedding reception suitable purpose or should we give the purpose of visit as tourism only or to attend reception AND tourism?

2. Is period of 1 month ok or should we mention shorter/longer period of stay?

This is urgent.All your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Saying the purpose of the visit will be to attend the wedding reception will suffice. But there is no problem saying they will do some site seeing as well. The MOST important factor determining whether or not they are successful in obtaining the visa will be their ability to convince CIC that they will leave again. Just as you did in your PR application, don?t be shy to elaborate answers on a separate sheet of paper and to add extra documentation.

They should definitely provide an itinerary showing date of arrival, where they will stay, date of the reception, and even general local site seeing activities. If your parents have a business or are employed, they should provide evidence that they will return to work as well. They should try and include as much documentation as possible to show they have ties in India that no person in their right mind would abandon.

The most common purpose for being rejected is the fear that the visitor will not leave again.

Best of luck and congratulations on your recent marriage!

Thanks Mike (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)

I appreciate your advise.


Visitors visa application (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
My parents were rejected US visa once u/s 214b. On 2nd application they were told to wait for administrative processing u/s 221g.We havent heard anything from US consulate since then which was on 9th May.

Would these factors related to USA Visa application have bearing on Canadian visa application results?

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Out of site; out of mind.

I doubt very much that Canada would know anything about being refused for a US visa unless you were to volunteer the information.

visitors-visa (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
i need more concrete samples that are convincing enough to fill my application for my visit to canada. I just recieved a letter my aunt it would only be a plain visit.
thank you...

URGENT (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
I have applied for a transit visa for Canada to my final destination Chile. I provided all documents but unfortunatley my application was denied. The following reasons were:

*length of proposed stay in Canada
*Purpose of visit
*my ties to my country of residence
*personal assets and financial status

What am I supposed to provide the CIC officer now just to obtain a transit visa?

Thank you

Visit (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Currently my working colleague apply visa for visit canada was rejected. Give me some advice "this was sending by his company give two weeks holiday send him to canada".. Your advice highly appreciate.

Thank you

reason to immigrate to Canada URGENT (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
hi,I would like to invite fiance to canada so we can spend time together (i have a permamente resindent card , i have apply for my citizenship already, in process)
She is a student about to finish university, we are planning to get marry in a yeay (she finishes her studies)
how can i prove that she can go back to finish school
or what can i say to convince the cic about she is going back to finish
please email me at

Purpose of visit (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
can anyone tell me about the (purpose of visit). my purpose of visit is clear which my friend send me invitation letter from Canada for two weeks. so please tell me what type of purpose of visit they wants from me. i am just visiting to see my friend.
Purpose of travel (in reply to: visitors visa- purpose of visit)
Dear sir/madam
My mother and brother applied for visiting visa to come to Canada and visit me and my family in Feb2013.their application was refused and the reason was that the officer was not statice field with the purpose of travell.Now they are applying again and my question is that whether they should change their purpose of travel or not?
Thanks for your help