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  After 1.5 years´waiting, I got the passport request on 5/19/2005. But the eclient still shows "we started processing your application on Dec.8, 2003". Here is my timeline

Application was sent to buffalo on 11/18/2003, got
AOR on Dec. 2003.
IA was received in July 2004, interview waived
Medical exam: July 2004
Additional Doc: 10/2004
Get inquiry reply fax from Buffalo on 3/15/2005 asking for update bank statemen, which was not mentioned in IA at all
I provided a bank letter with my current balance info on 3/16/2005.
passport request: 5/16/2005.

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Congrats! Just Eat the fruits, don´t count the seads... I was tought this. cheer...
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Do not pay to mach attention to e-client.
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