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Subject: To Sharon - my thoughts
  My dear Sharon,
First of all, I don?t want u to be upset with me U r a very lovely and close friend has always been very helpful to all members in our group
. I?m really sad for the way we as Arabs being treated in Canadian immigration system. I?m sure not only me, the whole applicants who r from my ethnic feel it and taste it every where.
I want u to know that, it is not a matter of September attacks in USA, it is older than this age decades and decades. I my self suffered so much from this point. U know I traveled so much for many European countries and I feel it in people?s eyes in streets without even say one single word.
Just looking at our faces as Arabs make them good gloooomy and angry!!!!! in air ports we are being treated like animals officers talk nicely to people in front of me and when I come he is shouting and open eyes very wide and ask stupid questions despite of the fact that I have special visas as sports professional but still shout, scream and ask ask ask ask.
I don?t know what we have done to be treated this way!!!!!! the whole world is against us now. Don?t ever think it was because 9/11 noooooooooo I?m sure it was before that decaadesssssss ago. I felt it and tasted it many times. I admit the situation went worse after 9/11 but what, Democracy supporters have proofed to be not supporter of democracy but OIL supporters. They made atrocities that even the most extremist terrorist would not do it. We never heard about a terrorist throw the holy bible in a path, we never heard terrorist force people to eat their wastes so many so many ............... and we are still described as the dangerous ethnic in the modern history!!!!!
It will take hundreds of years and years to get this situation resolved.

Canada, the country that implements immigration system to attract people but feels shy to say no for ARABS so just keep bothering them till Arabs by themselves quit the hope!! then why Canada in having embassies in our lands, why Canada is charging thousands and thousands for immigration. It is like the rich man who begs the poorest man and yet, Canada doesn?t promise any job and the scene looks very tough. They have just declares that they will process things up more faster and faster!!! and just few days ago I got a letter that we expect to be able to process your file in Sept 2006 so that will be 3 years since I applied!!! and this means they will start so it will take at least another 3 years!!!!! I don?t know what the immigration minister have dropped a declaration of his statement to speed up things he should have said this does not include Arabsssssss and to add more oil to the fire it does not include Muslims. I?m sorry I?m making it more politically but we feel bitterness and bad treatment and disrespecting. They should know that, days change and now middle east are poor and not developed 300 years ago Europe were so and we were very developed and rich and Canada was nothing. We like Canada but it seems it still insist to make us hate it before even we land there.

One more word that, you as Canadian have just begun to feel 1/4 of what we feel and u started to be angry so never never just keep defending the wrong side
Please SHARON accept my apologize if I touched a very sensitive nerve her and never be angry with me, u know how dear u r to me.

God helps us and Canada

Romantic Warrior
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Romantic Warrior, it is nice to see your name on the board again.

I don´t know if we will ever learn. I see Canada as being one of the most tolerant places in this world that people can live together. Even still, we must live with the world´s fear. It is very sad. Sadly, I am discovering that every culture is racist in some way - why? what for?

My mother tells me what it was like to have a german last name in the 1940´s. She was born in Canada but my father was advised not to marry her by his military officers because she was a German! Those times were very hard.

My fiance and I talk every day - sometimes twice. In the first days of the Iraq war, I was still unclear about how far away he might be from all the trouble. I laugh now because it is about the same distance as Vancouver to Toronto! What shocked both of us is what different news we saw. We quickly concluded that we were watching world events presented in very manipulative ways. No wonder we treat each other with fear and mistrust. There was no way to know what was the we agreed to stop watching.

R and I laugh sometimes that we should start our own country. We figure if a Muslim Arab and a Christian Canadian can find so many reasons to form a strong, loving and respectful relationship... perhaps there is hope for the rest of the world to simply get along.

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Romantic Warrior, why do we blame them on something that is our responsibility to change. Romantic Warrior I found the Arabs are more happy in Canada than in their countries , most of them refuse to go back... Romantic Warrior we can´t immigrate and bring our political problems with us ...forget about it and try to build a good future for yourself and your family.

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Dear Sharon:

I hope you understand that what you just sad was pure utopia at list for a present stage of mankind?s mental faculties. We are still very-very stupid. There always be some idiots like Hitler, Stalin or Bush who simply cannot live without wars and hates. That?s our nature?


P.S. I´m going to Vancouver next week for landing and job interview hope not to freeze the to death after San Diego:-)))

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Olek... thank you. I must keep dreaming. I must.

Do not worry about freezing. We are not as warm as San Diego but it was about 64 and cloudy today. Midweek they are expecting highs around 70 and by the weekend we will see 75! That was hard... I had to convert everything from celcius!

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I?m afraid that now you have to do the conversion back to C. After 3 years in US I?m still thinking in metrics:-))
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LOL... not to date myself but I was educated in Farenheit and imperial! It has taken me forever to know at 20 I will not freeze. OK... so, today was about 16 and cloudy, Wednesday is supposed to be 20 and Saturday is 25.

Bring a light jacket that is rain resistant or an umbrella and you are set. No rubber boots required.

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Hitler, stalin, and bush ?????
I realise that you conviniently have forgotten to mention Bin laden, Zarqawi, Saddam, kim jong, etc etc

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that is exactly my point...we often see the world the way we are taught. Perhaps it is time we stop picking sides (or enemies) before we take the time to listen to each other, learn from each other, and add an ounce or two of tolerance.
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