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Subject: "surname must be endorsed" PP Request
  I posted this question as a part of my broader question. I need to seek some clarification on this point.
My Wife in New Delhi received the passport request which states the following:
Please note that your surname must be endorsed on your passport.
The names Kaur and Singh do not qualify for the purpose of immigration to Canada."

What is meant by "surname must be endorsed" ???????????

In her passport she still has her maiden name. Is it mandatory to change the surname after marriage or it can be handled in Canada later?


Arnab M

last name (in reply to: "surname must be endorsed" PP Request)
My name on the passport appeared with ... Kaur.We have a family name but I never used it,being sikh,kaur was sufficient.And i recd. similar letter.

I could have added my dad´s last name or my husbands. I chose to add my husbands last name, since eventually I might have been erquired to change it again.

CIC only want last name whether it is your fathers or hubands,it does not matter.

If your wife´s last name ends with singh /kaur then she needs to get new passport.

I applied under tatkal scheme at delhi and got it in 2 weeks.

Submit passport ! (in reply to: "surname must be endorsed" PP Request)
I read the other post by you.

you have been specifically told to submit passport.

So send it !!!!

This is the final step.

You will get the passport back in few days with the visa stamp !!

The last name criteria apparently doesnt apply to your wife.
send passport by speedpost.ask for acknowledgement.

submit copy of consulate you recd along with passport.

Nothing else is required caz only passport was ticked/ie requested.

(in reply to: "surname must be endorsed" PP Request)
Thanks Jas, you really clarified the point I was thinking that people (specially females) with last name ´singh´ or ´kaur´ needs to get her husband´s last name.
For others it doesnt matter at all. They can keep their maiden names without any difficulty.

Thanks once again.
Arnab M

Surname (in reply to: "surname must be endorsed" PP Request)
I want to know regarding the surname issue.Is it necessary to have a surname with your name for canadian immigration purpose.My surname field is blank in the passport.Can anyone send me the link of atticle issued by CHC that surname is mandatory.
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