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Subject: I want to work there
I m a Dr Noor Alam From Nepal.I m a single.I want to work in canada. what is the process.
Dr Noor Alam
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Hello Dr. Alam...

To work in Canada there are two avenues: 1) Get immigration to Canada and become a permenant residence and 2) Get a work permit approved by the HRDC (Human Resource Department of Canada)

For immigration you have to file a case with CIC New Delhi which will take a long time but you will get permenant residence in Canada.

for work permit you will have to find an employer in Canada who can prove to the govt in Canada that your services are required in Canada and that there is no one else in Canada who can fill your position. This will get you a work permit and yuo can travel to Canada immediatly after the required visas are done.

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not sure what kind of Dr. you are but in order to work in your specialized field, you will likely have to gain licensing from Canadian regulators. This can sometimes be a long process and costly.


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