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Subject: Why immigrate to Canada?
By overcoming those divisions often caused by tribal identity, Canada´s progressive constitution (and resulting Charter of Rights and Freedoms), in combination with its immigration-driven growth and development, has made it one of the world´s most tolerant and peaceful nations.
Without a doubt, "Canada" means many different things to most people. But it can not be disputed that Canada´s population is a mosaic of the world´s cultures, religions and ethnicities, and thus vividly portrays the full-spectrum of human values, principles, and beliefs within its 32 million inhabitants.

In this time of global tribalism, Canada stands in stark contrast to nearly every other nation on Earth, as it successfully continues to bring all of these ethnic distinctions together in harmony (translated; without experiencing a serious or significant internal threat to its peace, liberty, and sovereignty). After all, the term "Canadian ethnicity" is an oxymoron, as most Canadians share differences in race, ancestry, identity, language and religion (thereby negating any chances of a consensus in defining the ethnicity of a Canadian). So how does Canada do it, when so many other countries´ distinct populations cause continuous conflict and turmoil within their borders?

Perhaps?taking root in the British North America Act of 1867, which formed the unlikely union of English and French colonialists under the confederation that was known as the "Dominion of Canada" at that time, this country has always been willing to accept the foreigner as an equal. The BNA Act was Canada´s early constitution (later patriated in 1982), but was unlike any other constitution of its time (and remains so, today). Most notable to this discussion is the fact that the Act was an agreement that necessitated considerable tolerance of others´ values, principles and beliefs, as both the French and English agreed to accept each other´s legal system, religion, language, culture, and numerous other differences. Even after 136 years, these distinctions are as prevalent as ever, but so is the populations´ understanding and acceptance; more importantly, these differences haven´t stopped Canada from becoming one of the world´s most developed nations.

However, Canada´s multiculturalism owes its pervasiveness not to the French or English, but to the pioneers who joined Canada after its 1867 inception. Under threat of American assimilation, Canada´s earlier leaders believed that greater strength could be found in larger numbers. As a result, they pressed east and west in their drive to convince neighbouring colonies to join their confederation, but also developed and promoted immigration policies that attempted to attract the labour and capital needed to sustain its autonomy. Given the diversity and supply of natural resources in Canada and related employment opportunities, it´s easy to see why millions of people accepted Canada´s invitation. Even today, Canadian visa offices accept hundreds of thousands of applications per year, and select over 225,000 applicants for permanent residence in Canada.

After some maturing, Canada now offers significant opportunities for the world´s best and brightest, with an openness and consideration for the people of every ´tribe´. Consequently, many of Canada´s business, political and social leaders are immigrants and their immediate descendants. It is a liberal society, with systems of government and judiciary that?are?envied and respected by most of the world´s nations for their equality and fairness.

Canadian cities are generally clean and safe, and typically ranked as some of the most desirable places to live in the world. In no small part?are these accolades due to the contributions of?Canada´s immigrant populations, who?lend their diverse skills, beliefs, and experiences to the continuous?growth of this youthful nation.

On a lighter note, Canada´s great outdoors offer?endless?ways to experience and enjoy its many splendours.??Geographically, it is?the?second largest country in the world, with nearly 10 million square kilometres in total area (one-tenth of which is covered by?freshwater - more than any other country in the world). With hundreds of provincial and federal parks spanning the nation,?endless beaches touching three of the planet´s seven oceans, and climates that range from sub-tropical to Arctic,?those of us living here have plenty of room to work, play, and enjoy life.

And yes, there are so many other great reasons for immigrating to Canada, including?its stable economy, universal health care and social programs, accessible and affordable?post-secondary education,?personal security... Simply too many reasons?to list here. So, when people ask me "Why immigrate to Canada?" I tell them that Canada is a place where they can truly enjoy life, because its wide-spectrum of human values, principles and beliefs (a kind of global ethnicity) is accepting of the distinctions within all of us.

Truly, this is a country made of?the world´s people!

Written by Dennis Caul ? 2003. All rights reserved

Dennis Caul
People, immigrate to Canada. (in reply to: Why immigrate to Canada?)
Canada is great nation and I would not live anywhere else but in Canada, with all respect to other countries including the country where I came from.
This is an excellent presentation on why immigrate to Canada. Nicely said Dennis.

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That is soo true.
Proud to be Canadian.

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canada kicks ass (in reply to: Why immigrate to Canada?)
good article denis..although
canada does have many problems within its infrastucture, especially some of the ones you named as being soo good.
health care, social programs, and especially the rising problems in our education system. I love canada, but we likee many other countries need some reforation.

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Hello guys, i agree with the article

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i thought it was ight
Why immigrate to Canada? (in reply to: Why immigrate to Canada?)
I agree Shouts out to my class w00t =P