Landing and after experience

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Subject: Landing and after experience
Submitted application May 2003
AOR May 2003
IA- Interview waived June 2004
Medicals, RCMP, ROLF June 2004
PP request March 2005
PR Visa March 2005
Landed 14th of April 2005

RCMP took 8 months to be processed
Full points for language proficiency -no IELTS necessary due living in Canada 3 + 1 years and England 5 years

Occupation titles and NOC?s :
4212 Res. Social Worker -UK
4212 Assistant Manager ? Canada
1236 Customs Broker ?Finland

Points: 77 total

Passed medical with heart condition: AV Block with pacemaker

After I received my COPR and Visa, I booked my flight to Vancouver. I was going to fly 6.40 am and had to be in the airport 2 hours earlier. I was well prepared, but things do not always go as planned. In the morning on 13th there was a fire in our building. It damaged all the wires, and I soon realized there was no phone line or electricity. I had to order the airport taxi well ahead by using a phone booth, and at night I had to take a shower with candlelight. I was beginning to hope that no more surprises were in store, such as the plane being hijacked?..All went well anyway, and I arrived at Vancouver airport very tired but safe. I then wondered how to fill in the customs form as I was not a visitor nor was I yet a permanent resident???? Soon I was directed to Immigration, where I chatted with one immigrating British journalist. We both had to have our pictures taken, cause for some reason the one?s in our COPR were no good. I said that we now have a proof how we looked when we landed (tired from long sleepless flight). I offered my ?goods to follow? lists to customs officer, but he gave me a sheet of instructions instead. When I phoned the customs few days after to arrange my lists to be stamped they said they no longer do that. When all my stuff arrives, I have to contact them and prove that all items are used and not new. OK.
Next day I got myself a cell phone contract without having a permanent address. They were perfectly satisfied for me using one of my friend?s address until I get one. I then applied a status change for my SIN card, and changed my driver?s license address (I have managed to keep my BC class 4 license valid).
When I was looking for a place to live I bumped to some people I used to know in the past. That is Vancouver, with over 2 million people you still coincidentally bump to someone you know, even you have been away for a while. I then saw one place I could have moved to. They wanted references and I could only offer them one former landlady, who said she does not remember me, but asked me to phone. When I did she offered me a better place where I live now. This is an old character house with a sundeck on the rooftop. Location is excellent in the heart of Kitsilano. I have all those Broadway, and 4th Avenue cafes and shops in walking distance as well as the beach. After being here for a week, I took a trip to Banff, where I saw my favorite band at Sunhine Village ski resort. Skilift up to the mountains, and it was a great concert. After getting a playlist from the band ?backstage?, I went out in the evening in Banff. Someone invited me from Rose and Crown to join him to this private ?Coors Light - after concert party? in Wild Bill?s, where the band members arrived later too. There was also a great other band playing in that joint. I soon got to know some other people with whom I ended to another popular nightspot later. After taking many shots with my new digital camera, I came back to Vancouver through Nelson.
Now I have just been shopping all the necessities like laptop, printer, clothes?..
My PR card came really quickly but I had to wait four weeks for the SIN card. So all has gone well, and first weeks were even really nice and sunny. Now I just wait the monsoon season to be over so that I can go to the beach with friends.

Good luck with your applications ? remember there is light in the end of the tunnel.

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Congrats man! Your path was really full of obstacles, especially that part that has to do with the fire. I bet each one of us faced his own difficulties on his way to Canada in a way or another, nothing can go smooth. I?m glad that your sufferings have come to an end.
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you are right about the monsoons! I cannot remember when it has rained so hard. You live in a lovely part of town! My work is very close to you.

Nice to hear you have arrived safe and sound. The drama of arrival will remain a good story for years to come.

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Sharon, do you work along Broadway? Towards Alma or Granville? Perhaps we have even seen each other without knowing....
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April, I´d like to get in touch with you re your medical because of similar condition. Any way to contact you? Thanks so much.
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the last time April posted was about 3 years ago. I doubt that she is still active on this forum. I would suggest you start a new thread with your question and hopefully someone can assist you.
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