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Subject: UK form questions
I?m now going ahead with applying for immigration to Canada from the UK, and had a few queries about the forms, and was wondering if anyone could help me. If anyone can, i´d be very grateful (friend for life :-).

I?ve previously had depression and anxiety (OCD), and was hospitalized when I was 18 for about a month. I?ve discussed the forms a bit with my GP, but he was unsure on the medical, and whether it would be classed as a serious ailment. I?m presently on a fairly small dosage of antidepressants which cost about ?8.33 a month for the UK national health service. I was wondering if I should I mention this as a previous serious ailment in the form, with an explanation of the situation. Also I had a nose bleed a few years back and was hospitalized for a couple of days.

Both my history of what I?ve been doing (work, unemployment etc.), and where I?ve been living since 18 is fairly extensive, and a bit bitty further back, and won?t fit on the form. Should I attach extra sheets with tables, with a quick note in the form (see sheet 1 etc). Also, what should I do if I can?t trace all my addresses and their dates (it?s going back 18 years and is proving very difficult to trace everything), Should I just fill in to the best of my ability and then mention that I couldn?t find all the information?

Do references need to be provided for all employment ever (some might be difficult, going back 18 years) or just ones with an NOC listing? Will my inland revenue and national insurance records be OK to prove I worked somewhere?

I?m currently unemployed (since april) and am visiting Canada (Vancouver). Could I complete this from Canada, using a UK mailing address (my parents), and say I?m travelling (rather than unemployed (which might not look as good). Will going to Canada for 3 months affect my visa application?

Could I do an additional note with extra info that may help my application, and could I reference it from the application form with a ?*number??

I took and passed O level French 20 years ago, but don?t remember much (although it?s probably still in there somewhere). Could I claim basic French, or if not, could I mention it in an additional note?

Could I put the CV I send to potential employers in with the other documents and certificates?

Is mensa membership worth putting is as a society I?ve been part of.

Does being a chemical analyst count as a physical scientist. I still get over 4 years NOC skilled work without mentioning it? (due mainly to time passed, I think obtaining references would be difficult, so it may not be worth including as an NOC category).

For the ?details of family members? in ?application for permanent residence? form, do I have to mention my mum and dad, sister, niece etc?

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the nose bleed i don`t think its that serious I also had a nose bleed but the doctor said its nothing everyone can have it...depression and anxiety is due to stress i also think that everyone have at lease some stress...may be you its a bit more but its not dramatic.You should also take the exam from the british council or alliance francaise to prove that you can communicate in english and french and also how flent it is.
for the family form I guess its your own family wife children, I suggest you look on the website and download the guide its more easy.

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