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Subject: spouse sponsorship
  Hi Friends,

My spouse scheduled interview at CHC New delhi, although, we had submitted enough pics and various travel documents. Now we dont have enough time to get CAIPS notes too. My spouse is with me in Canada on visitor VISA (which she got before applying for PR).

Is there any way, we can get interview waived, since it is expensive affaire to go New-Delhi from Canada.

Wat could be reason that they scheduled interview..? Is it possible that we fax them some documents (???) and convince..?

Please advice,


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Hi Sachin....

It is not possible that you can request to waive your´s wife interview coz they have that information that your wife is in canada as while entering to Canada they entered her information. Can you please share your time line so that I can tell you more. What I understood that you must had applied at CPC-M and they sent you an approval of your sponsorship..It is not that they call for interview just because they might not have more evidences. when is the interview? how they approched your wife to call an interview? If you would tell them that your wife is in Canada, they may ask you to withdraw your application and re-apply it in Canada at CPC-V.

Good Luck....

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My timeline are as follows Applied - 2 apr CPC-M, Letter of approval - 25 apr and on 7th May updated online that interview is on 10 june 2005..

your advice would be great help...

thanks in advance...

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Hi Sachin,

Your wife should go to India and attend the interview. You can not ask them to waive it. If your wife does not attend the interview they may take a negative decision regarding your case.

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I already told you that your wife has to go to New Delhi for an interview the best I suggest you even you go with her if possible. everything will be fine. If you go with her it will be more favourable for your wife.

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I thnk women always have a fair chance. Cause my wie sponsored me in Mar 02,2005 CHC,M. File trnsfrd to CHC, Delhi on April 05. They started process the same day.
But still E-STAT says In process.

Well sachin plz let me knw if i need to do follow up n HOw??? as my application says in process can i apply for visitor visa for canada to see my wife.
PLz Help Guys...........

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u can apply for the visitors visa but the chances are less for actually being accepted for that.. u can always try! ur rejection wont be a hurdle in the way for ur PR visa..
also, If ur thing stay still in process, that means ur interview has been waived!
did u get any eye colour info form and a request for 2 pics? Also, have ur passport been requested??
answer these questions and I will try to give an answer..

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i sponsored my wife one year ago. now her case is under processing in singapore.my wife is in bangladesh now. singapore visa office sent a letter to my wife that my wife is in their interview list. so my question is if i withdraw my sponsorship can i re apply her again in a later date? please let me know as soon as possible. your sincerely. arup dutta.
arup dutta
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immigrtion news
arup dutta
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thank u
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