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Subject: Continuous Journey ---documentary movie!
  Content: Ali Kazimi is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. His new film, Continuous Journey, documents the journey of Indian immigrants traveling to Canada in 1914 on the Japanese ship, the Komagata Maru. These British India immigrants were refused permission to land and held in the harbour for 2 months due to a little known immigration policy called the Continuous Journey Regulation of 1908.

Join Ali Kazimi and Jaget S. Uppal, an elder from the Sikh community, as they discuss the role that the voyage of Komagata Maru played in the turning point in the freedom struggle for India, and how this past has shaped our current country of Canada.

Opening Night Film
Continuous Journey
May 24, 7:30pm

Vogue Theatre
918 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R6

Phone: (604) 257-0366 Fax:

Venue Notes

departure bay
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