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Hi, Rubel! I heard that you have a great experience with Buffalo office in N.Y.
Please, can you read my " medical have been recieved" topic and can you tell me you opinion about this matter.
Thank you.

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Tanyushka honey why don´t you get a worker visa and go to Vancouver and start working and wait for the PR process to complete on its own? It may not be late yet so hurry up, contact your nearest Canadian Consulate with the job offer you got from the Hospital and try to get a worker visa for 1 year and go to work. I am sure you will complete the process before the year is up and you wouldn´t need a visa renewal! Ydache tebe..
In Canada
How are you been " In Canada" (in reply to: to Rubel ( from Tatyana))
Hello " In Canada" how are you?
I know it´s weird but it has been 15 years since I moved to Canada( still on Vancouver Island, in Victoria).
Life is VERY different from 2005, isn´t it??
Thank you for all your help and just wonder how are you?
By the way - are you Russian??



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