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  this is what I got for the hospital in Vancuver:

"We would like to thank-you for your correspondence of May 23 2005 in
which you brought your concerns to our attention. In response to your
Mrs. Chubachina´s application has reached the final stage of
processing, and we are pending receipt of her family´s original passports in order to issue their visas. They were requested as of the 19th of May, 2005.

so, I think I am done ( I hope). I have hot recieved yet PR adn my canadian company as well, maybe it´s on there way.
I don´t know if I can start screaming because I am happy or I need to way to get my request.

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yesss, I know how this can relieve . What a great news Tatyana, many congrats! BC Vancouver is beautiful, however the cost of living is higher than in ON, but since you have a job offer, this won´t matter for you.

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If you land before me, then make sure to tell me about that experience. I haven´t sent my PP yet. I guess I need some good looking photos to send along with PP, lol.
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Tatyana, read what keen post on the same day stamping visa in Buffalo, it is significant for you now...
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sure I will let you know abot what is next.
Tell me one more thing, yes, job look like waiting for me but I will not have permition to work at the same time I landed. How long I have to wait to get all this work permit, ssn number and ets....

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Both of ya girls send your cute pix to me first! I can recommend ya for commendation and such! LOL
In Canada
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With Regards

Dear Sir or madam
I am Leila Sohrabi 24 years old , I am from Tehran .
Congratulation coming spring for you.
I tried for continuing my education some years .I am getting B.L of
E. language and I have diploma in mathematics I decided to continuing
my major in Vancouver , I have application from collage VCC ,enough
money, every things that your embassy say me they want but they answer: in
You have not satisfied me that you will leave Canada by the end of
the period authorized for your stay because: ties not strong enough .
I am very sad , I tried some years if they say me we need document
that show you back your country after end of period of time ,I gave them,
because my father doesn?t has one of his eyes and my mother too. Then I
must come back to my country for looking for my parents but they didn?t
say any thing me.
I can not go university in Iran ,I want study the co-pilot major and
in Iran every year just some person can study this major .
Please guide me my application is 2006/May ,I thing you can help me.
I look forward to hearing you.
Tel : 0098 21 66016673
Sincerely : Leila Sohrabi

leila sohrabi
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