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Subject: Spouse sponsorship/PARIS

I need a bit of reassurance as I am becoming an emotional basket-case. I live in Quebec and am in the process of sponsoring my Tunisian husband who lives in Paris. We started the whole process in:

August 2004 (He did the medicals before we actually sent in the application)

September 2004 (sponsoring application sent to Mississauga)

January 2005 (Cerfificat of Selection received)

January 25th 2005 (accuse de reception from Paris + letter saying the process will take more or less 6 months)

April 2005 (interview waived + request for missing documents, which of course we sent in)

We have not heard anything from the embassy since end of April 2005.
Does anybody know what they are doing? I suspect it is background checks but how long does this take? If this takes any longer I am afraid that my husband and I will not be able to be together for our 1 year wedding anniversary (July 15th 2005). I know there are worst things in the world but I am emotionally struggling to be by.

The e-status has not changed since January 25th it still says "we are processing your file" Could that be more frustrating?

Any ideas or similar timelines to share? Sniff.


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Ask Sharon, her friend is Tunesian too and is processing through Paris. He´s doing it as SW though.
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Hi! I am also being sponsored by my candian husband and like you, my e-cas status have´nt change since April 2005... same message first time i saw it. "We started processing your aplication on April 26, 2005"
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Thanks John for the info.

Hi Arwen,
When did you start your immigration process? Are you immigrating to Quebec? I am wonderring what they are doing and why it is taking so long. He already did the medicals but did they recieve them? I keep trying to figure out what the hold up is.

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