loooong n starnge wait???

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Subject: loooong n starnge wait???
  Hello guys.
I applied as skilled worker in nov 2001. In nov 2003 i got a interview waiver. they asked me to sent ´em FBI reports and landing fee . They also told me to proceed for my medicals. i sent them landing fee and FBI reports. i went for my medicals in nov 2003.Here was the point where our liver went uoside down. I went for our medicals on 1 nov 2003. For the whole 1 yera i kept checking with canadian officials ,but got the same reply that" my case is under process and my medicals docs are being under process too". In oct 2004 i got to know that officials in ottawa never recieved my docs. I finally got to know that due to doc´s mismanagement they lost our docs. I went again for medicals in nov 2004 and since then I´ve been doin nothin but wait. FRIEND OF MINE APPLIED IN MARCH 2003.WENT FOR HIS MEIDCALS AND INTERVIEW IN MARCH AND APRIL 2005 RESPECTIVELY.HE GOT HIS PR TODAY.(HOW´S STRANGE???/) AND i AM STILL WAITING. I FAXED THEM IN FEB, MARCH AND MAY BUT DID NOT GET ANY RESPONSE. I ALREADY APPLIED FOR CAIPS. ANY SUGGESTION FROM U GUYZ...THANX.....kk

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this is bad and I know how you feel.
Our medicals were delay due to doctors problems and he was not able to send our medicals forms for 2 month after we done it.
I was driving to his office twice and called him every week and never let him go until I recieved the tracking number from FedEx and I was able to track my package to Ottawa.
You will be o´k.
All this immigration staff is hard wait time.
Good luck

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I like to cite a great 80´s hair rock band: Poison, and say:"Every rose has its thorn...". KK, you got the medical examination madness, while I got the RCMP delirium!!!!! They might have lost that damn certificate since I didn´t get any news from the consulate yet!
today, I feel so bad that I am considering the fact that this immigration nightmare will never come to an end...

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I think you can do nothing except waiting for CAIPS which will reveal where is the porblem, in my opinion you should have applied for it earlier.
good luck

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thanks for ur response guys. I did´nt know about CAIPS notes,otherwise i would have applied long time ago. Now, i need one more suggestion. I have already done my FBI fingerprinting again but have not sent em. should I send em,though they never asked me. But i think since the 1st one is expired already long time ago,SHOULD I SEND MY FBI FINGERPRINTING THOUGH THEY DID NOT ASK TO SEND???? SHOULD I???? THANX KK
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