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Subject: Confused- Yet
  Hi Dears,
The following information extracted from the web site: says
If your file is complete, we will send you a letter confirming that we have received your application within 3 months of the date of reception. You will be informed of the file number which has been assigned to your application. If you need to communicate with our service, please always indicate this file number.If your file is incomplete (including the payment of the processing fee), your application will be returned to you with a list of the elements missing. No record of your application will be kept at our office.
I have submitted my complete documents on Feb.05 however I have not received any response from canadian High Commission London. Do you think it will be wise to write to them requesting for the acknowledgement of receipt. Or shall I just be waiting and waiting. Please suggest me what to do.Some of you might have faced the same problem.

Looking forward to hear a valid suggestion.


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Is the site updated...about 3 months time.. sometimes it can take more time depending upon the work load of the office...

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