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  Hi all,

I am citizen of India, but working in US on H1 visa.Iam planning to apply for canadian immigration (skilled immigration).I got FBI clearance and I obtained a letter from Indian consulate in NewYork for Police clearance with a PP# and my Name on it. Is that good enough for applying for Canadian Immigration? Or do I have to apply in India only with photogrphs on it.Please advice.Thanks in advance.


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the embassy of my home country got the PCC from my country on my behalf. if you case is the same, than it works.
my question to you. I lived in USA for a while and would like to know how you got your police certificate from there? did you wait till canadian visa office asked you or you obtained it and sent with application?
what was your first step?

thank you

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Hi Lily,
Thanks for your reply. I haven´t applied yet, but started gathering the docs necessary docs. So the PCC for my homecountry now i hae in my hand is a Letterhead of Indian consulate located in NYC and stating my name, PP# and mentioned that there is no police activity found on this person´s record and no reason to reject the canadian visa with authorized signature. But there is no photo on the doc. As I said, just a letterhead. Please advice.

Thanks in advance

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Any suggestion on this pls..?
Thanks in advance

How Much it took to get the PCC from Indian consulte (in reply to: Police clearance cert.,)
How much it took for you to get the PCC from the inidan consulte.... could u pl. let me know procedure...


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