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Subject: Asking ISSA
  Hi. Issa, congrats first, since you have got your work done and you and me applied at the same time . i need an advise from you.

I got an interview waiver in nov 2003. I sent my FBI docs and landing fee at the same time. Due to negligence my med docs were lost and i had to go again for medicals in nov 2004. since my fingerprinting is expired, should i send ?em new one, though they never asked for one. I thought it might be the reason my case is being delayed???? some one told me that a delay can cause from anything? ANY SUGGESTIONS ?? AND YEAH ONE MORE THING I FAXED THEM BACK IN FEB, MARCH AND 1ST WEEK OF MAY BUT DID NOT GET ANY REPLY. SHOULD I FAXED THEM OR JUST WAIT. I HAVE ONLY 6 MONTHS LEFT NOW.MY MEDICALS WILL BE EXPRING ON NOV 22 2005 THANX KK

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have you had your CAIPS?
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i applied for CAIPS. i will get em in mid june. I have already done FBI reports. reports will be expiring in the end of july. i dont have a clue now. since they do not even answer my faxes. thanks KK
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