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Subject: re. rachael - common law in canada pr people
  I´m in a similar position. Applied for PR common law partner in Canada class. My boyfriend is Canadian, I´m a US/EU citizen and he is sponsoring me. I didn´t have a visitor visa, just 6 months from when I first arrived and that has now run out.

My timeline so far - not much!
Sent off application March 7 2005, received March 9 2005 at CPC Vegreville. Medical done and all fees paid.
Have had no reply whatsoever from CIC!

Some people who´ve gone through the same process advised me to send in the form to change conditions (apply for work permit)/extend stay together with my PR application as that would speed up getting the work permit once the application is approved in principle. I did that and then spoke to two different people at the CIC call centre as I was concerned that I hadn´t heard anything at all after two months and my 6 months were going to be up soon. They said I was ok to stay in Canada as long as I had sent off the form to extend my stay. They also said it was ok to send both forms in together and that they would be processed as one application and that that may be why I haven´t heard anything. I was hoping to make sure that my forms weren´t lost or sitting in the wrong pile (I have traced the package through Canada Post and it did arrive at the processing centre), but the only thing they could tell me was to be patient....

Just wanted to let you know Rachael, maybe you can still send off one of those forms, but I don´t think there is any other way to get a work permit before the AIP or PR otherwise. If anyone else has had a similar experience with not hearing anything for this long please let me know. From what I´ve read in other posts I should have had the AOR by now. Just waiting and wondering...

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