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Subject: Quota or Fill?
  The delay in processing of cases at Buffalo makes me wonder whether the immigration intake is based on Quota each year (like U.S.) or a fill basis (process as many as possible).

Where can we get statistics on Quota/ Processed cases by post? The U.S. system we know works on demand. They tighten or process fast cases based on demand of workers.

Spike Me
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cannot locate the link at the moment (somebody help me) but there is definitely a quota per embassy to insure the annual immigration intake does not exceed 230-250,000. On the link I saw, Buffalo has enough applications to totally fill 2005 processing quotas with another significant number already lined up to start processing in 2006.

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This one ?


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Spike you don´t worry about quotas. If you have a normal disposition toward life and world, you can succeed just about anywhere... Except the god-forsaken countries like India and China.
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yes! it shows that there is 23,800 applicants set to be processed in 2005 and 31,259 being held for 2006. This embassy quota is by far the largest of any source country. Obviously, it is also a gateway country (like London) for many applicants from other places.

Hong Kong, London, New Dehli all hover around the 10-15,000 mark for each of them. All of Europe combined (which includes parts of North Africa) add up to just over 30,000

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Come on dude anon, that was below the belt. I was born in India... so I guess I must take offence "officially" on your statement.

India has its own set of problems - when it is not the politicians running the govt. who are not making it what you state.

1) India has over a billion in population. Need I say more...

2) Over 25 (Even I have lost count) states with different languages, customs,

3) Almost all religion on the face of the earth.

4) Each has not only the right to practice ? but can follow their own laws. Now dude which country in the world allows that. I mean Hindus have their laws, Muslims theirs, Parsis theirs. Even Canada and the U.S. do not allow that.

5) To make matter?s worse, when the Queen´s own left India they made sure that
religion shall never let the people of India and its neighbors unite. And of course
typical to their nature they divided the country in 3 separate countries.

6) The gap between the have(s) and have not(s) and the educated and not educated is so wide that it really is a task to have a consensus on any form of decision for the country. This is what the Indian politicians especially the congress party of India has always exploited - right from Gandhi (yes the original dude), Nehru, Indira, now Sonia.

I feel there have been only a few attempts for progress and when India excelled. These are by:
Rajiv: Got the Technology to India and hence the brilliant software professionals,
Rao: Liberalized the Indian financial market and hence salvaged it from the financial
crisis on the late 1990s. Remember when Far East was going bust ? India was booming.
Vajpayee: Strengthened the resolve of India to be a global player. Helped the middle income traders (the back bone of any nation). The outsource and Call-Center boom.

Rest all were filling their pockets and busy making India more of what it has come to become.

China is the same, at least the dude Mao has made it a giant of a country.

Well I agree if you have what to make it you can make it anywhere. However, I´d rather had made it in my own country. Well now I don´t know which - left India almost as soon as I got off from school and have been hopping studying, working almost over the globe.

But officially I have to take offence dude... so mince your words. Sorry about that!!

Spike Me
you got offended because that is very true! (in reply to: Quota or Fill?)
Hey dude, spike!

Just some information for your own sake:

(1) India is notorious for software piracy and hence you can study all the softwares you want without taxing much on your personal finances - very, very much unfair, eh?!

(2) Indians are known troughout the world for having incestuous and homosexual relationships among siblings, mothers-sons, fathers-daughters, fathers-sons, grandparents-grandchildren, heck! even men-animals!

(3) India, being the biggest, densiest, poorest country in the world, receives more aid, help, and support (financial, economic, education, medicines, etc.) from developed countries than any other poor country in the world.

(4) More than half (last time i checked, 65%) of indians are illiterate/uneducated and about 80% are below the poverty line.

(5) Indians are notorious for rigging any kind of competition, from crickets to beauty contests -- are you really proud of winning those miss world and miss universe beauty pageants? Oh, you´re also very notorious for faking and padding all your educational credentials and work experiences!!

(6) And lest i forget, indians are the dirtiest, most foul smelling (stinky) race of people in the world!! Never ever think that the world doesn´t know because your people are ubiquitous (can be found anywhere in the world), hence the odor complaints are almost reverberatingly unanimous throughout the face of the earth!!

Dude, spike, sorry to tell you all those truths, but those are factual information and not just hearsays, conjectures, myth, misconceptions, fiction, or figments of imagination!!

Your country and your people are truly unique in so so many ways!! (and everyone knows that is another fact.)

- just for the facts -

- just for the fact -
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Dear Just for the Facts...
your comments are totally disgusting and there is no room for them on this forum. I do not know where you are from and it does not matter - what you have said is simply racist, insulting, rude, and ignorant.

...and that is the facts.

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Mr Just for the fact

Can´t say anything about indians but you definitelty stink big time. These comments just shows your upbringing, your education, your mentality and your moral values.
This forum is meant to help people on canadian immigration matters and not to degrade any country or any religion, plz keep it that way, dude oops sorry stinky dude.

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