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Subject: Request for Passports: Urgent!!!
  I got a letter from Buffalo asking me to submit passports together with three recent photos for each accompanying member. However, my wife is China now ( I am in Canada now), and we can not wait to have her photo taken in China and then mail the photos to Canada. My question is that can I still use my wife´s photos which was attached to our application in April 2004 (that is the same photos when we applied to Buffalo) ? Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.
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Dude how are you going to get her passport if she is in China?

You know that you need to send her passport too.

Of course she has to send her passport from China to you, then what is the big deal in sending pictures with that?

Spike Me
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I forgot to say that I have my wife´s passport with me here in Canada.
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You know what... you can trick them by providing them a less older photograph then the latest one but c´mon dude... if you give the one you attached for the immigration the CIC is smart enought o know that...

Also some photographer put the date behind the pictures...

Anyways... my suggestion... if you have waited for such a long time just a few more days till your wife send you the pictures and send them... it will take 2 more weeks... what else...

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How come you have her passport while she is in China?
That is illegal you know.

Anyways, as advised please try and send new pictures. As pointed above they are going to get upset seeing the same pictures.

Max you can use a picture is 6 months.

Spike Me
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Actually, my wife sent me her passport a couple of days ago. But we didn´t know that photos are required together with passports at that time. Otherwise, we could have sent passports together with photos.

Thanks for all the replys.


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please ask your wife to send her digital/scanned photo as email attachment to you, get them printed and send them with the passports, it will take only a few hours.
Hope this will solve your problem

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Well the digital age is at your service. She can eMail you her current digital pictures (passport size) or you can send her most recent picture you have with you. If she is over 25, I doubt there is going to be much difference in her looks! So don´t worry just send which ever pictures you have but make sure all three are identical copies.
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