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Subject: PP request - But Problem plz help
  I got PP request on June 1st2005 From CHC New Delhi. Also mentioned that i need to endorsed my surname on my passport. Well I hv submittd my passport for the change in name with all the formalities and will get in within a week...

But my sponser application was filled in without my surname. Will that create any problem later on. >??? Plz Help me ppl...

Also if there is any delay in frm the Passport Authorities. Shall i notify the CHC New Delhi..Waiting for reply ppl

Gurvinder Singh
(in reply to: PP request - But Problem plz help)
No problem dude.

Just get your surname endorsed and when you are ready to send it - attatch a cover letter to mention on what page the endorse is stamped.

Well this is the travel season so anticipate a delay. It will not hurt to send a letter of compliance to CHC letting them know that you are doing as asked and keeping in mind the travel season and rush at local passport office it may take some time.

Spike Me
To Gurvinder (in reply to: PP request - But Problem plz help)
Hi,I had similar prob as I had last name as kaur.

U dont have to worry about ANYTHING.u have 60 days to submit passport so there is no need to write to CHC right now.

Even though ur surname was not on original application it doesnt matter and wont cause any probs at all.CHC Knows that you will be submitting new passport.

What I had done was that I submitted both my new and old passports though since it had U.S.A. and Canadian visas which supported what I had written on the application form.You can decide whether you want to send both new and old passport or just new one.Attach photocopy of letter that u recd from CHC for passport request.

Thats it.Dont worry.Everything is in order so it will go well.

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