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Subject: Medical
  I have two questions. Plz help me
1. It looks like i will get the papers for medical pretty soon. How much does it cost to get those tests done (Here in the US). Any one has any cost effective experience, Plz share.

2. I still can live in the US for at least three years. My plan is to immigrate to Canada after that. However it looks like, if i qualify, i will get the papers to immigrate to canada within 12-15 months. How do you think I can delay this process? Plz help.

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Rates for medical exam varies. Visit the following link and contact a couple of DMP´s where you live.

After your PR is approved and visa is issued you have to land in Canada before the expiry of the visa. After landing you can come back to USA immediately(the same day if you want to). To maintain PR status you will have to stay in Canada for 2 years out of 5 since the day you land in Canada as PR.

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plz ,,i have a ques,,how much time immigration depatment takes to send back my passport?
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