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  my family, me and my husband and 2 kids are planning to put up a business in canada. I am 28 years old, currently taking a montessori teacher training and i am planning to put up a day care educational center in canada. My husband is a licensed architect here in my country, (philippines) and has a good background/experience in construction. My questions are: (1) Is there still a category for self employed in applying for immigration. What is the requirement for this kind of application. (2) How much money must I have to be approved. (3)Our other option is to apply as skilled worker with my husband as the principal. Insstead of tryng to put up a business here in my country, we would like to start the business in canada. (4)How soon can we be granted the imigrant visa. We are planning to migrate as a family. Hope to hear from youy soonest! thanks.
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Hi Katlim.

The Entrepreneur Program is for experienced business persons that will own and actively manage businesses in Canada. Successful applicants must contribute to the economy and create jobs in Canada (i.e. you must start a business in Canada that employs at least one Canadian resident, who is not a dependent family member). Entrepreneurs must demonstrate business experience, a minimum net worth of CDN $300,000, and are subject to conditions upon arrival in Canada (e.g. business must be operational within three years after landing).

Conversely, the Self Employed Program is for those foreigners who have the intention and ability to create their own employment. They are expected to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada, or, they may create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.

In light of the information you have provided, it is likely that your questions and interests focus on the Entrepreneur Program (not the Self Employed). However, it does not sound as though you will meet the criteria under this program, as I am assuming that you do not have business experience (???). Therefore, the Skilled Worker Program is likely your best bet. After landing, you can still start your intended businesses, as you are free to do as you please once permanent residency is established.

If interested, please visit to complete a preliminary assessment under the SWP. If you meet the points requirements, you will be invited to complete secondary assessment. Both the preliminary and secondary assessments are free; more importantly, they´re thorough!

Dennis Caul
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P.S. How long does a Canadian Skilled Worker application take to complete? Unfortunately, the answer is very difficult to determine without knowing the person who is asking the question, and their family members. That said, it is reasonable to expect that the visa office can process your application in 18 to 36 months, provided the application is complete at the time of submission. However, processing times for individual cases can vary significantly, making the visa office´s expected processing time somewhat irrelevant. This is because every application stands on its own, and is determined by a multitude of controllable and uncontrollable variables (e.g. missing documentation and war, respectively). Consequently, it is strongly recommended that you consider hiring the professional services of e-canada immigration advisory, as we can ensure that your application is complete, accurate, and without errors and omissions at its time of submission.

Dennis Caul
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Yes Dennis,
That makes sense.
Best Regards,

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