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Subject: New Documents
I have recently been recognized by discipline bodies for my research work. Should I send these to CIC? I mean I already score over 77 points currently.

Will these documents mean anything to the dude´s up at CIC or just more paperwork?

Spike Me
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my thoughts...

there comes a time where additional points become redundant. the very last thing you want to happen is for them to stop everything to recalculate your score. The only points that could be in question by CIC is language proficiency so if those are covered off, I would celebrate your research accomplishments in private. (I know it is very tempting to stack the deck) If there is an interview, you can always pull the the new credentials out of your hat and say ta-dah!

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Thanks Sharon. You make sense.

My interview was waived and medicals were issued last year. I have finished all stages except the BG Check in progress and the wait!!

Spike Me

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