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  Say one maintains Canadian PR by physically living for 2 yrs in Canada in every 5 yrs. How long does he/she have to wait before they can apply for the citizenship ?
And typically how long does it take to get the citizenship ? Does that process also have a yearly "nation" quota like the PR process ?

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3 full years although the CIC is now considering fast tracking citizenship to one yr, but who knows?
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Thanks Ron&Ben, but was your timeframe "the amt of yrs of stay in Canada before you can apply" OR "the time it takes for the citizenship once you apply" ?
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You enter as a PR and the clock starts ticking... then you leave Canada the clock stops ticking...

Once you have three years in Canada-stay you can apply for citizenship and the process takes about 6 months depending where you are staying and you will give the exam, take the oath and become a citizen.

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Dude what happens to your current citizenship?
Spike Me
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You must physically be in Canada three out of the MOST RECENT four-year period in order to qualify to apply for citizenship. Three years spread out over more than four years does not cut it.

There is no such quota system for this.

Check the CIC site for current wait times.

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Thanks guys.

For nations allowing dual citizenship, its not an issue, you will retain all your existing citizenships.

For countries not allowing dual citizenships, I think you may have to give up your existing citizenship, but I am not sure. experts of the forum pls help out on this.

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Yes.. it is confirmed in the constitution, you can hold multiple citizenship.. however you are advised to relese the citizenship of a country that does not allow dual ones..



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Since we are talking about dual citizenships here.....
If a child is born, whose Father is a citizen of countries A and B, and mother is a citizen of C and D, will the child be a citizen "by birth" of all the above countries or is there some law to deal with that situation ?

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It doesnt matter to Canada which other citizenship you have.
The day you take the pledge in front of the citizenship judge, you carry your current passport with the PR visa or landing papers with you. Before you enter the courtroom, they check your current passport and REVOKE the PR visa or landing papers.
Now the problem becomes, when you travel outside Canada, you can not travel back to Canada as you dont have any valid Canadian visa on your passport. So you are forced to apply for Canadian passport before you travel.
Also the question is, if you were a citizen of a country like India, you cannot show your Indian passport to travel there. Incase you do that and go unnoticed then on your way back they wont allow you to board the aircraft as you dont have a valid Canadian visa (which was cancelled during the oath ceremony). At that point if you show your Canadian Passport without an Indian visa, you know what will happen !!!
Hence before travelling, go to Indian Embassy or your respective embassy to get a tourist visa. If they find that you are of an Indian Origin and you dont have any Indian Visa on your Canadian Passport, they will ask for your Indian passport. When they issue you an Indian visa, they cancel the Indian passport and return it back to your as a souvenir.
Another point I should mention that once you make things happen in Canada, it is the most beatiful country to live. For that it needs perseverance. Most likely you wont be successful here if you are looking for short cuts. Anybody can bluff the Canadian System however those guys dont know what they are losing out. After getting their Canadian Citizenship and working down south on a TN Visa. That way you may be able to make some money but I must tell you as an immigrant myself that no matter how much money you bring into this country, that will get over in a couple of years if not earlier. Then what do you do ???
You are back to square one. Noone knows you over here and your age has run out. It would be frustrating to start again from scratch which you could have done it in the first place.
So if you guys are coming here, dont look at the calender. Remember that if you work hard, you will do well eventually. For that you have to live here. Thats the bottomline.
Sorry for being harsh as I see people looking to spend 3 years .....
Arnab M

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