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Subject: Police Verification
I have received notice for providing additional documents along with the medical for my PR approval.One of them is police verification report from the countries where I lived.Now I am living in USA and it is possible to collect FBI finger print. Also it is possible for me to collect Police report from my home country. But the problem is I was in military and served in United Nations Operation in Mozambique as a military observer for one year and was stationed in Mozambique during my duty. Now it is very difficult for me to collect the Police verification from Mozambique as I was never a member of the civil society there rather was a UN military observer.
I contacted the emabassy of Mozambique but failed to get any positive and helping response. May be they donot have any record for the UN guys and specially during the transation period.On the other hand they also donot want to provide any statement of no record or any thing to me.
Now what to do ? Can any one help? Thanks.

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Just submit FBI and home country PCC.

For Mozambique, write what you write here (with dates) when you contacted and how and that you have got no response. And ask if they can direct you to some agency to get one. Most likely they understand and will waive your responsibility to get that PCC.

Most likely CHC will do their own BG Check on you. However in case you are unable to provide PCC for any or more country it may take extended period of BG Check (upto a year I hear). So be prepared for that.

But your case seems tricky. A letter of reference of your work in Mozambique from the UN may help you.

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I am originally from India and moved to the USA in 1998 and after that I have been in states for 7 years. For brief period of time i am in UK (since sept 05). I received a request for Police Verification from Canadian consulate in December 2005 at my USA address and letter reached me late january (UK Address). I was suppose to submit PPC by 1st week of March, which looks quite impposible right now.

Can you please suggest me how can i ask for extension. And how to receive a PPC? and from which all countries do i have to take it(India, USA and UK).


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I have withdrawn my application last december. So don´t have any idea.
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