Marrying Canadian girl, in Canada.

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Subject: Marrying Canadian girl, in Canada.
  I´m am an American citizen. I´m going to Canada in a few days to visit my girlfriend, with discussion of my possibly staying there permanently.

Now, would it be possible for me to marry her while I was in Canada, in Canada.

If it is possible. What rights would this give me? Would this enable me to work to help support her? Would I be able to stay permanently?

I know it might grant her rights in USA as well. I"m so unaware of everything that goes into this. I need HELP!!!!! I´ve been scanning the forums, not much is said about an American marrying a Canadian in Canada. Thanks for the time.


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if you marry in Canada, you can stay with her until the sponsorship process is complete. (this is a new ruling but do not tell border officials the reason for your Canadian visit) I do not think you can travel back and forth to the US during processing period, or you will be required to remain in the US until the immigration process is complete. As for working, I am not 100% clear.
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Go there on a TN visa if you already have a job. Or find a job and go there on a TN visa. In that way, you can work for a year or two and wait till she files the paperwork. While in process, I doubt you could continue to work... unless you have a TN visa or such. I would encourage you to become a stay-home mom, I mean dad.
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