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Subject: Conjugal Partner Application
  We sent our packet to Mississauga on May 2, 2005. Today my partner who lives in Quebec received a letter saying they had received our information and forwarded it to Buffalo and Quebec. We got the form to fill out for Quebec sponsorship. Does this mean that Canada has given us the ok if they have sent it to Quebec? Also, we sent our pictures on a CD and they sent it back to us saying it is not required at this time? Isn´t that strange? Any help you can give us....


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Hi Jordie

you are right. if Mississauga sent the files to both Quebec and Buffalo then you are in the safe side as far as fedral goes. In other words, fedral accepted you as a sponser and you fufill the fedral requirement to sponser your partner. The reason you got you CD back is because they do not accept those type picturs. It is strange that they said they do not want it at this time but i know for a fact that you have to send hard copies. I hope everything goes well with your case.

Good Luck

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