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Subject: Interview Date ????
  Dear all,
I recieved a pink card three weeks ago from CIC, London saying that an Interview is required but they haven´t mentioned any date. Does anybody have any idea about waiting time to get an interview date or is there anything suspicious in my case so they are playing up. I applied under skilled worker in Oct. 2003 and this is the only communication since then. Would appreciate any input.

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in my case I got 2 letters.....the first one telling me that an interview was required....after 5 months another letter came telling me that my file has been transferred and will be scheduled for past the 3rd interview schedule yet....depending on the backlog there in might take a while...I hope I have something better to say...=(

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Hi Joe,
Thanx for the reply. Could you pls. tell me where did you originally apply and did you ask for the transfer of your file or CIC decided to give you another pain.
Waiting................. !

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hi...I applied in Buffalo and according to the first letter, a selection interview was required...I think interviews are not held in Buffalo so my file had to be transferred to a different CIC office...and yes I think it is also to give me more pain as if waiting is not painful enough =(...goodluck to you
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I feel your pain. I got interview required in October 04. It´s been 8 months. 3 months ago I got a letter stating file transferred to Detroit. Nothing else. I can check on the website "file recieved awaiting interview" queue. I submitted additional documents after I saw on my Caips the reason for interview was to verify my employment. That was about 3 months ago too.


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