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Subject: Inordinate delay after Medical

My application was submitted on March 2002 to Buffolo and I received the AOR on August 2002. After one year they informed my file was moved to LA consulate. And again after one year on April 2004 I received a letter that my interview would be waived if I submit a bunch of documents, Medical exam results and the fees. We sent everything within two months except the X-ray of my Wife, who was pregnant at that time. After the Baby was born we sent my wife´s chest X-ray and the new born´s medical report on February 2005. But till then I have not received any correspondence from the consulate.

our Medical exam result is about to expire on June 26th 2005. What should we do at this moment? Do any of you think writing to the consulate or faxing a letter would be helpful? I am really frustrated at this moment.

Thanks in advance

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Iam in the same boat , Iam still waiting after my medicals. This time delay could be due to the so called background check time. There are people in this forum who have waited close to a year and even have got their medicals done again, its absurd. Faxing a letter would be a good idea. I have ordered for caips notes just to find out whats going on. Good luck.
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hi friends...

I´m the same shitty pair of shoes...IA in October, medicals, documents, rolf in november and now I am waiting those people at the consulate to close my case...I am scared they lost some document and they are waiting something....

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Don´t send or prepare another medical yet... If they ask, then you will have no option. Or they might give you three days to rush to Buffalo and get the visas stamped.
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Hi what is caips notes
caips notes (in reply to: Inordinate delay after Medical)
Its like an elaborate type of e-client status. It basically tells you the whole story of your file and where its going, inputs by the counsellor and even the latest updates, like medicals recieved etc. It wont delay your processing time. Its perfectly legal to obtain them. You can get it done through a canadaian citizen or several agencies that charge you a higher fee eg
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