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Subject: Medical Exam Problem Found
  My X-ray shows there is a small apot in my lung, the doctor said he needs to consults with a lung specialist. Both X-ray and CT can not tell the nature of that. I am worrying a lot about it.

If it was a previous TB, or possibly a tumor, does that mean my application will be rejected?

It seems the immigration medical officer may think a TB even inactive may endager teh public and a tumor may be a big burden to teh goverment due to large cost to remove it.

Please offre your oponions on this and your experience is higher apprecaited.

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if it is so then that is more of a problem rather than immigration.I am not sure about TB becuase it is contagious but with cancer I know one guy whose application passed thru
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just wait for the addl tests that CIC asks you to get done. once the results of the addl tests are out you can better know whats the real situation. Most likely, if you are normal, do not worry a lot, at the most, it might be an inactive TB that many Chinese, Indians and Russians seem to have (no offence meant).
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Dont worry if it is inactive TB. If you do a search in this forum you will find that Canada does admit people with inacyive TB. There are many from eastern europe and India that live with a TB granuloma its referred to as " cold tuberculosis" in some circles, if you are not immunologically compromised or haveing weight loss etc you should be okay. They should do a sputum analysis to confirm it.

Also make sure they havent misdiagnosed it with a common cold or chest congestion. Dont worry too much and do a search in this forum for more info.

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