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Subject: Shocking CAIPS report
  Hi folks!

I have ordered CAIPS report and finally got it after 5 weeks.And to my surprise, the reason they have called for an interview was to authenticate the experiance letter which i furnished them, that was because when i was filling my application form, there was a typing error at one field where in we have to write our past employers name, in that field i mistakingly mentioned my high school name.

so now they have a suspicion on my experiance letter, so im worried now how to tackle the situation, any suggestions are greatly appreciated...........

and also i came to know that immigration people at Detroit/ Buffalo would have knowledge of me getting CAIPS report, and seems they are gonna ask the reason for getting the CAIPS report at the interview, so what should i reply to their question!!!

All comments welcome!!

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dont worry dipthi, asking for caips report has no effect on your file. Just say that you need to check if you have submitted all your documents correctly and know that all processing is going on well.

if you documents are correct nothing can go wrong.

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I don´t know if the authorities are aware of CAIPS requests etc, but your best bet is to be frank.
Carry all supporting documents and explain the mistake to them, and all will be well. Be prepared for other questions too, you never know they might be calling you due a different reason.

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If the documents you furnished are correct, you have nothing to worry about. Just go with just about all possible documents you can lay reg. your work experience. Maybe a letter of reference from your boss or some reports you made while at work to show what you actually did etc.
Spike Me
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Take more, provide them more proof, they´ll like it. And so be happy. Not to worry.
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Yes, it is easy mistake but be ready to answer questions regarding your detailed work duites and respobsibities.

Best of luck

Romantic Warrior
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thank you guyz,bit relieved now!
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