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Subject: Migrating from China to Canada
  I planning to migrate from China to Canada and didn´t decide yet where to go. One option is to go to Vancouver and another to Toronto. I know there are many Chinese people in both Vancouver and Toronto. I have friends in both cities but I am more concerned about the cities and their economic standings and their hospitality.

I would need an answer from people who actually lived in Toronto and Vancouver and who would be able to tell the difference and what city would be beter for new immigrants. I am still planing to go back to Univercity and take maybe MBA or doctorate degree.
Thanks in advance for all your help. I hope that I will be able to find for myself which city would be better for me while immigrating to Canada.

Chen Ma
Migrating from China? Well! (in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
I did not live in Vancouver, but I heard it is beautiful with a nice climate. In regards to economic standing I also can not tell you much. However, I do "LIVE" in Toronto and last night we went scating to Toronto Downtown. It was fantastic. Live band is playing on Nathan-Philip square, people are dancing outside, scating on the square, light effects, apsolutely fascinating. This is a city of Toronto. That is something normal here and we enjoy it through out the winter and summer. Economically Toronto is the best standing city in Canada. For one reason it is close to United states and it is growing and growing.
Now I guess that you might need some input from some other people from Vancouver. Again this is not enough for you to decide where do you want to migrate to Toronto or Vancouver. But I hope it helps a little.

You need to decide (in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
1. Make a research on the internet.
2. Where do you have more freinds? They will help you at the beginning.
3. What kind of education are you after?
4. Do you like coast or country?
5. Decission is all yours.

Come to vancouver canada (in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
No, no...
Come to Vancouver, it is the best city in the world. You get everything here. Many Chinese people that are already immigrated from China to Canada and willing to help. We enjoy swimming in the ocean, Beautiful Vancouver city in beautiful British Columbia, Skiing in the Vancouver mountains, sunny days...

I am telling you, I could go on and on... he he...
I just love this city

Oda Chen

Oda Chen
Check both cities (in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
Come to Canada first. Visit one city then visit another city, and you will be able to decide for yourself. I did the same.
All together migrating from china should not be a problem since it is a process that many people already tried and succeeded. There are also many Chines people in both Canadian cities - Vancouver and Toronto.

Kwan Cc
I would like to no if i need to pay a fee to Migrate to canada? (in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
I have been wanting to Migrate to Canada for sometime now, but I need to find out if I need to pay a fee to do so. Would someone please contact me as soon as possible thanks a million


(in reply to: Migrating from China to Canada)
move to london ontari.. its awesome;and its close by toronto.. its not so loud of a city. oh and the university here . is one of the best in onatrio. maybe even canada :)(western university)
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