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Subject: divorce
  J wonna ask you abaut my divorce, she wos visiting her cousine here in Canada, we get merid, after, she had to camback to serbia after 4 months, after 10 days we started to have problems and it hugo problems, and, a caple months AGO stoped my sponsorship and j got the prove from immmigration that everting stoped, j wonna know, do j have any problems aboute divorce, dose she can gate to Canada becose j heard that she coming too canada even if j stoped everting, what hapend in thet case, do j have any problem about divorce, about many, evriting, j"m CANADIAN, bat she dosnet, what j can do, do j start proces of divorce before past 1 year of as split /////////??????????????? THANK YOU..............
jovo savic
no problem for divorce. (in reply to: divorce)
No problems, as long as you want to divorce her you can do it. But I don´t think that part has anything to do with immigration.
divorcing - sure! (in reply to: divorce)
You are lucky you are not in Switzerland. In you want to divorce in Switzerland it would take you 1 - 5 years. That´s the law. Here in Canada you just file for divorce and soon you are free (unless you have kids), then you are screwed.

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hi i just want to ask you how long it takes to process devorce in canada..he has 2 sons.. it takes long/?
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hi.. i am married to my husband for 12 yrs. now and have a son, but i have a previos marriage in the philippines 14 yrs. ago and no communication at all.
would i be able to file a devorce here in canada?

Divorce (in reply to: divorce)

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Hi I want to know what my options are. I got married to a non resident he crossed the border from the States to get into Canada. I sponsored him through family class. He obtained his Permanent resident status in Feb and then in May he took off to Pakistan and now he doesnt want to live with me and is causing problems. I want a divorce what are my options. He says he wants to wait a year prior to a divorce. Do i have any rites in this matter.
HELP pls
any advice would be apprictiated. pls email me dipa_sengupta@yahoo.ca
Thank you

Divorce (in reply to: divorce)
My name is Robin i am an Indian guys but a Dutch National . I am being forced into marriage with a indian canadian girl by my parents who are getting a lot of dowry from my furture inlaws and also a share in their business in Tornoto. I donot love this girl at all and dont want to marry her. But it seems that family pressures from both sides are so great that i will have to succumb to to as it always happens in Indian weddings which are aranged. I cant even run away.
I want and request this forum to please guide me on this main topic i wanna ask which is
1) After i get married and immigrate to Canada from Holland and i am unable to put up with my wife and her family after a few months or a year. Will my imigration / right to live in Canada because of my mariage to a Canadaiam Citizen be revoked if i get seperated from my fuitre wife. what are my rights in Canada in such a situation. Can my IN Laws do me any harm ??? Or will i be ok as i have been told. I would request this forum to guide as to where i would stand in case of a sepeation or divorce after my immigration to canada.

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