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Subject: Help! canadian PR application
Does anyone know about the writing explanation for the English skill?

They ask me to write an essay for my English skill, and i am wondering whether there is any samples available.

Thanks a lot in advanced :)

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Took from the same forum and giving it back


Canadian Consulate General
Buffalo, NY Dated: June 21, 2004


In support of my application for immigration to Canada, please permit me to briefly explain and bring all relevant facts to your attention, which clearly establishes my proficiency in all four facets of the English Language.

I have been working as software engineer in the USA for the over three years, where language of use has been English. I have the distinct advantage of having completed my Secondary, Pre and Graduate levels of education in India, where the medium of instruction has been English in Graduation and Post Graduation. Also, throughout my job as a software engineer I have to often document my work and submit it to my superiors, for which I have extensively used English language only. I frequently exchange e-mails with my employers pertaining to technical/non-technical issues. I also write project reports after discussing it with my team and submit it to my superiors in order to proceed or start various projects. I often have to note down the points during the team meeting so that I can implement them later in my work. I also prepare slides or short write-ups in order to give a presentation to my team on technical aspects of a project. These have helped me in utilizing and enhancing my English writing skills effectively in everyday life.

As my education was in the English medium, I have studied all the subjects in English. At work, I often have to read and understand many technical books in English to keep aware of the latest computer technologies. I read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis and often understand all that I read. If I encounter a word that?s new to me, I look it up in the dictionary. I also read novels and have thus developed reading as an interesting hobby.

All my interaction with my colleagues is in English and I listen to the news everyday. At work, I often have to attend the teleconference meetings that are conducted with my team who are at several different locations. I am an avid fan of the English movies and I watch, discuss about my favorite stars with my friends. I also talk to most of my friends in English, as we all do not speak the same native language.

I exclusively use the English language to communicate with my co-workers and superiors at work. I often have to discuss about many aspects in a project and it requires good English knowledge in order to present my views. I find absolutely no difficulty in making the other party understand my point of view. I frequently have to make presentations and explain many technical issues, which may last for around 45 minutes. I often meet with my friends and discuss about movies and Tennis.

Finally, I have been educated in India where the medium of instruction has been English and working in U.S.A, where I have been using English language day-in and day-out. I can handle English language with ease and would submit that my proficiency in English Language can be gauged as fluent. I am including a recommendation letter from my employer depicting my proficiency in using English at work. Should you require additional details, if any, I would only be obliged to furnish.



Ramprasad Pothukanuri

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