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  Myself(postgraduate diploma) and my spouse (diploma in engg) have applied for permanent immigration to canada from india(dec 03) but as seen on the posted messages the TIME FRAME is toooooooooooooo long.we have one baby also.

1) Wud u recommend us opting for STUDY visa and coming to canada?
2? shud we wait for normal lengthy procedure?
this waiting period is like killing urself where every day u spend in the hope of hearing something from cic.

I am really confused at this point .. i mean what shud we do? wait or take risk....

thanks in advance

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Do not try to bypass systems.

Why you are waiting for the Visa day after theother. Just forget it, live your life the normal way and one day you will get it.

Tell us your timeline so far.


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New Delhi takes about 4 years right now and if the system goes at its same rate chances are that by next 4 years the time will only increase...

Now that doesnt mean you try to look for a short cut.

In this time rather prepare yourself and eduate yourself to the possible life in Canada. try choosing a place where you would like to move... research about job prospects in the area you want to move... look for the past 5 years and see whats in demand and whats not.

Try saving some money as once you come here you will need it. Budget out a figure out how much you may require per month and stuff like that...

There are a lot of things you can do before you come to Canada.

If you come here as a student then you will have to pay heavy sum in tuition fees and living expense... a full time international student in Toronto area will easily spend about $25,000 intuition and living expense for 1 person. if you have a family you can expect like $30,000 for 2 people.

Think about it...

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