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Subject: E Client update...
There was a message about EClient update on the 15th. Did anyone´s status get updated?

Mine is the same... we started processing your file on XX, XXX. No change whatsoever.

Spike Me
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i have nothing changed, since it´s still too early for me, I got AOR march 07.

Well, there is a tiny change in E-client, which is you can actually update your current address once you login to e-client.. Not sure if anybody use this function before? However, personally I will still use traditional fax/letter change address,according to what I was instructed by the AOR letter.Since I absolutelay have no confidence to E-CLINET

departure bay
no change whatsoever (in reply to: E Client update...)
I was also expecting a change of status in my case.But sadly its the same message that keeps on appearing.
" we started you application processing on *******
Interview scheduled on *******"

although my interview has been cleared 2 months back and I have evn sent all my medicals ,landing fees and passport on 5 th may 2005,still no update on e client

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E-client sucks..

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