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Subject: Places to visit in Vancouver&Victoria
  Hello Friends,

I am planning to visit Vancouver in the last week of June,05 from California,US (Driving from Seattle) to kick in my Permanent Resident status with my family
and I I ´ll be there for 3 full days.

Apart from completing the formalities like applying for Health Isurance and opening a bank account etc.etc,I would like to utilise these 3 days scrupulously for sight seeing too.

I appreciate if any Vancouverites suggest some good places to visit in Vancouver and Victoria which I can fit in my 3 day schedule can cover all important places with out wasting much time and I can drive thru these 2 cities.



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Hi annu,

Good to know you got your visa.Congrats...I am still waiting after depositing passports since 40 days.


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I suggest you just stay back in the US. There are probably more places to see in the US. Don´t go to Canada.
In Canada
(in reply to: Places to visit in Vancouver&Victoria) July 1 is Canada Day. there will be lots of special stuff happening- especially around Granville Island, but all government/public offices will be closed.

3 days...hmmmm. Victoria is a day by itself. if you are driving, you should make a reservation for the

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Thanks to all for their suggestions.


40 days wait is a matter of concern.We got our Passports in 15 days.Hope you get your PPs soon.Good Luck.
I know there are good places in US and we toured most of ´em.As you suggested I ´ll stay back in US till I get a good job in Vancouver ;)

Thanks for the details.If Victoria visit takes one full day,I have one and half day left for Vancouver tour.

I checked the Vancouver tourism sites but there are so many places/attractions mentioned and I don´t think I can make it in one and half day.

Hence I am seeking suggestions from you what are the few selected important places WORTH seeing in Vancouver so that I can plan in advance.

Do I have to make reservations in advance?



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I would reserve the ferry at least a week in advance. I would be inclined to take Vancouver Trolley tours. It is a little bus that tours many of the highlight spots in the downtown and you can get on and off as you please. See Capilano Suspension Bridge, perhaps Grouse Mountain gondola ride (takes you up the mountain and you can see the city - maybe even do it at dusk!)
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As for Victoria, the ferry terminal itself is out of town by about 20-40 mins depending on traffic! Plan for the ride into town and back.

Once you´re in town, there is street parking all around the Legislature building. Stick to the downtown core around the Inner Harbour. *Lots* to see and do, especially in around Canada Day. I never tend to recommend touristy things that cost money, but as you are only in for one day, try a double-decker bus tour that departs from in front of the Empress hotel. My uncle used to drive one, they give a great overview of my beautiful city. ;-) Also, if the weather happens to not be co-operating, actually even if the weather is beautiful, I always recommend the Royal BC Museum, which is right in that Inner Harbour area.

*Do not* waste time with the Undersea Gardens or wax museum unless you are into paying too much to see salmon and sea anenomes and bad wax figurines! ;-)

Enjoy your trip!
Ms. Mo

Ms. Mo
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