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Subject: Any New delhi cases

Any people aplied from CHC new delhi.I have had my interview on 15th april 2005 and sent all documents ,fees and passport on 5th may 2005 and still waiting.Any people with similar timelines please share your experiances or who have received their passports back stamped.


:) Yes I am in the same boat. (in reply to: Any New delhi cases)
We had sent our passports in mid of April... still waiting for the passports to be returned.

By the where are u in INdia. I am from Hyderabad.

Best of luck

(in reply to: Any New delhi cases)

I had done my medicals by April (interview waived) in the letter they mention to submit the passport but my consultant told not to submit it now because.if you submit now they will just keep that with them untill they finalise the case.
So they advice me the CHC will send another letter for passport submission with the details of photos,hight etc asking.then only to submit the passport and they will return with a month time.
So am waiting for thet...................

My consultant is Canachieve Consultant,Delhi....

What about you ???????

delhi (in reply to: Any New delhi cases)
Hi friends,

I am from new delhi and I also received a passport request with fees and medicals.My consultant took the pasport from me and told me that they will mail all these documents to chc delhi.its been now 40 days since all documents have been mailed.

Let us keep in touch to get the latest out of everyone for everyone´s benefit.


waiting for PP at CHC Delhi (in reply to: Any New delhi cases)
I have completed my medical on april 12,05 sent all doc on 25 april(received by CHC Delhi)...still waitinf for passport....if any body have same time line..please share....
my id is

sun patel

(in reply to: Any New delhi cases)
yes. I too finished my medicals in april 2005.And submitted all documents and got my landing papers in Feb 2006 only


delhi chc (in reply to: Any New delhi cases)
hey I filed thru can achieve in 2004 june at that time I was told my case would get finalised by end of 2005 now its 2007 online status says in process when do u think my interview call will come??For all of you who had filed before how many months from the filing date did you guys had to wait??My email is please reply .
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