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Subject: post doc opportunities
  How are post doc options in Canada, especially in biol sciences? There are quite a few good universities in Canada with top notch scientists working. Does anybody know how generous is canada govt in spending money on research? That wud define the research opportunities
more govt funding=more post docs.
Please share ur experience. How biased they are in recruiting foreign trained Vs US trained Vs Canada trained scientists?

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Presently I´m looking for a research position in Canada too. I am a physicist and presently doing my research in US. As I was told by several Canadian professors Canadian gov. is spending more and more money each year on fundamental and applied science now. Recently I sent my CV to 5 groups who are in the same or similar field as I am and got 3 ?yes?...

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Hello, was looking forward to such a discussion. I?m also looking for Research opportunities in Canada. On the othere hand, I am also looking at the Life Sciences Industry. I am a biologist too. Recently I sent my CV to a few PIs working in areas that interests me, and the results were positive, not 100% though......they said wait till June, summer and we can possibly hire and so on. Would you consider this positive???

Thanks and keep in touch. best luck.

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