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Subject: UK "Police Certificate/Clearance"
  What exactly is required, a data protection information printout or a "CRB Disclosure". The data protection information costs ?10 per request and is available from our local police station. The CRB costs ?30 and is only available through umbrella organisations and not directly to individuals.

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(in reply to: UK "Police Certificate/Clearance")
Thanks for the quick response Kenny, however we already have this guide and it is not very helpful. For uk police checks is points us to The Metropolitan Police who only cover London. We are in Wales we must apply to Gwent Force, I have checked with them and been told we need a "Data Protection Act 1998 printout". The form to request this states that it will NOT provide a Police Clearance Certificate and to contact the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). So we are somewhat confused and were hoping that UK residents who have already submitted the correct form can tell us what we need. Many thanks and looking forward to any replies.
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