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Subject: Hats off to Sharon

You are doing such a wonderful service to the community by being in this forum and on top of that, your generous offer of contacting you for any issues makes you the best..

Would appreciate if we can get a few words of wisdom from you:

We are at the moment pregnant with this idea of Canadian immigration, With all the symptoms of the first trimester- Feeling excited, sometimes worried, sometimes future looks great with what we are going to get after the delivery and sometimes afraid for what we need to be prepared for in order to deal with any trying situations..
Regular doctor visits have started as well with our FBI and PCC applications already out, Thinking about whether or not to take IELTS, then decided to send the Application with PCCs and in the meantime take IELTS - will not send the results if score is bad(wait for them to ask for it and take the test again in that case) OR send it proactively if score is good.

Working in Seattle in IT field. should be okay in my current job for the next 1-2 years. Will start looking for jobs in Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada before I arrive. In case I dont get one, I plan to go for a Masters in a Canadian university as a PR.

People might say anything about Canada (10 REASONS and all), but still it is one of the top destinations for immigrants. That must be for a reason. Gulf countries have a lot of job opportunities, why dont people go there...

anyway, I came the US with a job in hand in the middle of the Recession when companies were sending people like us back home in planeloads. So, that depends on person to person and situation to situation. No Generalizations accepted there...

Will definitely need your valuable input and advice in the next stages of our Canadian dream and hope to have this beautiful pregnancy reach its conclusion with a real baby in hand !

Thanks again Sharon

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thank you for your kind words. I wish I knew about this site when we first tried to navigate our way through the process. I think we would be finished by now.

It sounds like you have a very good plan and a great perspective. I look forward to progress reports. (on all fronts)

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