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Guys does CHC Delhi - ask for PR Size Photo along with PP Request. Cause i was told to submit my PassPort and nothing else.....

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Hi Gurvinder,

Congrats. Eager to know your time line. Please share.



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My timeline is as follow???
A .Applied to CPC Miss - March 02th, 2005.
B .CPC?s sposorship Approval - March 22nd, 2005.
C. CHC Delhi started processing - April 05th, 2005.
D. CHC rqstd Addtnl Marriage pics - April 07th, 2005.
E. Pics Sent to CHC Delhi - April 15th, 2005.
F. CHC sent passport request - May 25th, 2005.
G. Passport couriered to CHC Delhi - June 10th, 2005.

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Gurvinder, i was not asked for any photos...only the passport which we sent June 15th...lets see how long will it take to get it back.


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