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Subject: Sponsring when outside the country
  Hi there I am marrying a Canadaian next year and we have decided to live in the Uk for a few years as we prefer the winters here. However we will want to move to Canada in a few years time. For my future wife to be able to sponser me I know that she needs to provide evidence of returning to Canada. What evidence do you need to supply, I would think it would be difficult to present actual proof that she was intending to return to Canada. For example I do not think many employers will offer her a job if they have to wait a year before she starts the post and we would not want to sign a lease before we know when we can move in. What evidence would therefore prove satisfactory? Also would she need to present evidence of future income in Canda as this would be hard to do or can she base it on Uk earnings. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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If she has a legal right to work in the UK, and is doing so, she will have to claim that she lives exclusively outside of Canada.

Now, she will have to provide evidence that she will reside in Canada once you get your PR.

There is a seperate space on the form, which allows you to establish reasonable plans if you cannot show the other things (leases, job offers ect...). Feel free to give them as many concise reasons as you feel.

Here are suggestions:
Show how long that you have been together, to establish that your lives are meshed in such a way that it would only make sense that she will return with you.

Explain that you both wish to make Canada your future home.

Tell them where you want to live, what you want to do for work etc...

In place of future income, show past earnings (to show that you will likely be able to support yourselves) and any savings.

Just brain-storm for a bit, and write a concise explanation of you situation (make sure you follow CICs rules for adding extra sheets) and submit the form.


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I am Canadian and have been abroad for 2 years at the time I applied from my husband. It is not a problem and went very fast. The part that sucks is that you cannot predict how long it will take, however, spouse cases are the fastest. We started the procedure in March and the visa was issued in May.

I enclosed a rental agreement and a job offer as proof that I was planning on returning. Honestly I think this clause is for people who are using the fast timing of spouse immigration to get people into Canada - that´s their concern.

Basically because I could prove my intention of returning to Canada my husband was issued a visa right away so we can travel back together. Had I not been able to prove it, I would have had to go back 2 months before him to find a place to live and get a job. This is the advise from the consulate I dealt with anyway.

PS ? Since February they have made a commitment to process spouse cases quickly because Canada has a policy to keep families together.

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